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Gold: Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA), 2015



A private residential condominium located at Tanah Merah Kechil Avenue in SingaporeCasa Merah is an urban living space that skilfully incorporates unique mosaic patterns in its landscapes and water features. By combining aesthetic preferences with budget requirements, this suburban residential landscape’s distinctive and innovative designs set a new benchmark.

The contours of the greenery, swimming pool and terraces are inspired by the distinct appearance of parched red soil during an intense, dry summer that is transformed into a lush, tropical oasis. The surrounding environment is filled with emerald greens and teal blues. The lush array of foliage cultivates a micro-environment rich with bio-diversity, and creates a nurturing, living space for residents.

Undulating water walls and water terraces connect the upper and lower landscapes together with a flow of azure blues, creating a soothing noise buffer by the pathways. Bursting with lush trees and broad canopies, the residential area resembles a serene reservoir with many relaxing vantage points for contemplating the beauty of cascading water elements.