STX transforms landscapes through creative solutions, resulting in dynamic spaces that are seamlessly integrated and memorable.








Silver: Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) Awards, 2006

Certificate: Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) Awards by NParks, 2017


ITE East Campus was designed with the focus on the Central Forum space that is the “heart “ of the site.  Here the central “sun” icon generates “sun rays” along the three major concourses and three landscape walks, leading to the centre of the Campus.

The radiating wave patterning is carried throughout the landscape in the planting beds, the water features, hardscape paving of the plazas and walkways. This patterning organises movement in the main areas of the site as well as enhances the visual experience at the ground level and at high level from all the corridors above.

This multi-level and multi-purpose heart caters to differing groups and activities. The architecture and landscape are seamlessly integrated to create a holistic experience where coloured lines on the ground visually “pulls” users to the centre of the site. On any given day, groups of students on breaks can be seen congregating and resting within the shaded embrace of the Forum Amphitheatre.