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Honourable Mention: IFLA Asia Pacific Landscape Architecture Awards, Residential Category, 2019


Kovan Regency, a private residential property along Kovan Rise in District 19 in Singapore, is an urban living oasis that derives its inspiration from structural weaves of colours in a “Scottish Tartan”. A mosaic of clean lines criss-crossed into nooks, over and between blocks, complementing architectural structures and further accentuates the integration of the two elements.

Upon arrival to the property, grand stairs climb up to the upper deck and clubhouse, and welcomed by the soothing sounds of undulating waterwalls calming wearied souls.

Bursting with lush trees and broad canopies, the residential area resembles a serene reservoir with many relaxing vantage points for contemplating the beauty of cascading water elements. The lush foliage, achieved by a palette of trees, canopies, shrubs and palms, resembles a tropical paradise. Trees lined and dotted the ground, as if standing in awe to the spatial character of the landscape.