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Winner: President’s Design Award Singapore, Design of the Year, 2014


Situated at Kent Ridge, the clean-line contemporary design of Kentvale is the newest addition to The National University of Singapore’s estate. Composed of three towering blocks with green walls rising up the façade’s corners, the lush foliage traversing the linear bands completes the user’s three-dimensional experience. With work and play as the focal point, preserved Dalbergia Oliveri trees complement the teal blue sparkling waters and earthy timber decks in phase one. In phase two, artistically placed trees in rows creates a visual line garden, with large preserved Rain trees giving welcoming shade at the main entry. Towers are topped with roof gardens touching azure skies, while at the foot, the 50-metre luminescent pool runs linear and parallel to the garden. Ribbon lawns and rain gardens vividly capture the essence of verdant surroundings in an urban oasis, elevating the epitome of living independently and interdependently.