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Merit: Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards Commercial Category, 2013


An archipelago of islands, Setia City Park is a modern, urban park that is composed of a variety of zones dedicated to recreation and relaxation for all ages. These activity peninsulas float over the surface of the water, creating a beautiful mosaic for users to explore and discover. Each activity island is planned to match specific program requirements and to cater to diverse lifestyles of users. The oval green is the focal point of the park, accommodating a wide range of passive and active recreational opportunities such as kite-flying, picnics, football, and even concerts.

The water jet plaza, standing in front of the Setia City Mall, is a bold statement featuring 120 water jets shooting water in rhythmic patterns creating a spectacle of light and sound that has become a daily event.

Setia City Park true to the tradition of city parks, provides the surrounding communities with opportunities to meet, greet, interact, and celebrate with neighbours in a healthy, holistic environment.