STX transforms landscapes through creative solutions, resulting in dynamic spaces that are seamlessly integrated and memorable.







A game of “pick-up sticks” became the inspiration behind the landscape design and layout for Seventy Saint Patrick’s Condominium; complementing the random and organic orientation of the surrounding architecture. This dramatisation creates a consistent and distinctly recognisable landscape pattern, integral to the layout of the site. Lines and structured passageways are connected to one another and acts as an imaginary compass for one to navigate throughout the development. In the centre lies a vast water body that acts as an island of landscape spaces, complementing smaller pockets of reflecting pools and water elements dotted across the rest of the landscape.

Seventy Saint Patricks features five distinctive zones; Zen, Social Resort, Fit and Healthy, Naturalistic Wilderness and Family Recreational zones. They feature extraordinary amenities that are sure to cater to a myriad of differing needs and aspirations of its residents.