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Silver: Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA), 2019


A post-modern commercial and residential building, The Concourse is a contemporary urban ‘Gateway’ to the Bay. With the original commercial building designed by the architect Paul Rudolph, the new residential area is also made of wedge-shaped rhomboids that give the building an artistic architectural flair, staying true to Rudolph’s distinct expression.

A series of 5-storey tall, transparent bubble tank water feature greet the residents at the entrance, heightening the sense of arrival with movement and a whimsical touch. Alongside islands of floating palms and bubblers, the ground level also features glass waterwalls, which is interspersed between the wedge-like, bubbling tanks. Adjacent to the office tower, evergreen trees and foliage scatter and drift across the public plaza, creating shaded areas for residents to enjoy moments of solitude. The podium level is a unique blend of design, geometry and privacy. The Concourse features a 50-metre main swimming pool with a raised edge, articulated with a series of rhomboids that meld into the Jacuzzis.

As a counterpoint the beautiful angular shapes also form a series of recessed water cascade, where each is paired with floating frangipani trees. Fringed with lush greenery, the amenities offer sweeping views of either the Bay or the city skyline.