STX transforms landscapes through creative solutions, resulting in dynamic spaces that are seamlessly integrated and memorable.





Expected Completion : 2020



World Gold Winner: FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards, Residential (High Rise) Category, 2020


The landscape design at The Scotts Tower aspires to be a multi-layered pluralistic and wholistic environment linking together different zones that cater to the diverse lifestyle aspirations of the users. Seen as ribbons, which gradually flow down from the central tower, the landscape forms sinuous lines that weave their way vertically around the tower and horizontally across the site, linking the North zone to the South zone and back again.

Like strands of music, the landscape ribbons are seen as rhapsodic compositions linking elements of play, rest and recreation along a series of stations or platforms and combining them into a melodic whole for a complete lifestyle experience for the residents. The landscape ultimately becomes a series of multiple stages whereby the theatre-of-life takes place and users become the actors as well as the audience.

Just as a great score is a composition of notes and lyrics, the various landscape spaces consists of elements from planting, paving, and water-features comes together to create multiple overlapping composed canvases for rest, relaxation, recreation and celebrations.