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Certificate of Excellence: NParks Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework for Projects with Outstanding Greenery (LEAF)


Natural, laidback and stylish, Vacanza @ East is a private condominium that resembles a tropical resort escape. The residential area exudes a sense of understated indulgence where abundant greenery intersects with azure water elements. Here, water jets frolic, swimming pools shimmer, and palms sway and flirt with the wind.

Contributing to environmental sustainability, Vacanza features undulating rain gardens that not only create an interesting visual contrast with the manicured lawns, but also cleanses out storm-water runoff before it is jettisoned off-site. Bountiful native plants surround the landscape, bringing a taste of wilderness to the urban setting and attracting a variety of birds and butterflies to the space. Terrace gardens form secret pathways to different hidden nooks and quiet courtyards in the area, linking the residential amenities together.

The main pool features a straight edge with a massing of palms anchored to a perpendicular axis that rises to the rear of the site beyond, while the counterpoint is a formally centred geometric curve. A timber deck hovers over the cool waters, allowing you to revel or relax under the swaying palms.