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Gold: Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) Awards, 2011


A private residential condominium and distinguished landmark, RiverGate is located in Robertson Quay in Singapore. Inspired by the adjacent Singapore River, RiverGate is a juxtaposed world of stylish curves and straight lines. The sensuous curves of the flowing river, a visually inherited landscape, has a profound impact on the design. Imagine ribbons of blue winding around sleek, white residential towers. The striking vertical lines of the buildings extend horizontally to touch the edge of azure pools. A creative, seamless integration to meld luxurious verdant landscape with the clouds, the sky gardens are tranquil vantage points. From there, we can see cool waters circling throughout the tree-lined landscape and melting into the lush greenery. Our minds are revived at the viewing deck, where we can witness the sky blooming into another sunset, painting the horizon with beautiful red and orange hues.