STX transforms landscapes through creative solutions, resulting in dynamic spaces that are seamlessly integrated and memorable.








Gold: Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), Professional Design Awards 2005

Winner: SIA-NParks Skyrise Greenery Awards, 2008


One George Street is an office development architecturally designed as an 18-metre elevated rectangular ‘box’, with voids sliced into the volumetric mass of the box at different levels of each of the four facades. This created opportunities to integrate garden elements in the vertical built form, leading to successful fusion of landscape and architecture in a highly urban context.

Major statements in the landscape occur on the ground and level five. As ‘yin’ to the ‘yang’ of the architectural box, all gardens are conceived with fluid, amoeba-like shapes. The architectural glass bubbles of the ground lobbies form synergistic relationships with the landscape, and rising amongst the 18-metre tall building columns are trees within planting mounds with 9-metre glass water columns, some floating in a raised steel reflecting pool.

On level five, timber is used to create a garden terrace setting. A shallow stream meanders from its source of three-bubbler jets facing the lobby, to widen and join up the swimming pool at the other end, where the view opens up to the CBD skyline beyond.